Barton and Buckley began collaborating in January 2018 on their first collaborative project 37,000ml.

37000ml is an audio visual installation that explores the awareness of the presents of water in the body. In my body there is approximately 37000ml of water. Have you ever thought about how much water you have in yours?

In this work moving images of the human body and water were projected from above onto a milk liquid screen, water drips from the celling into pool.

As the public left the space they were given a slip of paper on which was written:

In my body there is 37,000ml of water

How much water do you have in your body?

 Total body water can be estimated using the following classic formulae:

Total Body Water (TBW, Watson PE)

For males

2.447 – 0.09156 X age + 0.1074 X height cm + 0.3362 X weight kg

For females

2.097 + 0.1069 X height cm + 0.2466 X weight kg

To have this calculated for you visit: https://qxmd.com/calculate/calculator_344/total-body-water-watson-formula